Episode 28 – The Return To The Air Episode!

After dealing with all kinds of crazy stuff over the last three months, and some honest soul searching about the show and whether or not to continue, the good news is that we’re definitely pressing on!

We’re re-engergized and super excited to continue to deliver our own unique view of the watch collecting world. In today’s comeback episode we talk about various ways to fund the show, diving into some topics that are sometimes difficult to discuss like social media, advertising, etc. At the end of the day our intent is to share with you, our loyal listeners, where we intend to take the show and it’s all good. Get ready for a fun ride!

Along with the somewhat controversial topic of monetization, we then go on to discuss some of the exciting stuff we have in store for you such as more guests and giveaways, an upcoming website redesign, and Love ‘N Watches swag!

Hope you all enjoy the show. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @lovenwatches, and check out our YouTube channel as well.

– RR & PG